Center for Teacher Education, National Taipei University



The Center for Teacher Education was established in 1996 with the aim to prepare competent middle and high school teachers. The Center prepares teachers in subject areas of Chinese, English, Mathematics, History, Civics and Society, Counseling and Guidance, Physical Education, Career Planning, Law and life, Information Technology, and Business and Management that contain 16 kinds of certification.


Educational Goals

        The goals of the teacher education program are to prepare middle and high school teachers who are competent and qualified in teaching, embrace humanism and demonstrate abilities for democratic citizenship.



        Features of the program include (1)caring for life and individual growth, (2)rational reasoning, (3)community commitment, and (4)creativity in teaching methods.


Admission and Requirements

        The Center recruits undergraduate students from the subject-related departments since their second year, as well as master and doctoral students at NTPU. To be admitted to the program, students need to pass the Center’s Selection Examinations. They are required to take 26 credit-hour educational courses, complete the respective disciplinary courses and a 6-month internship before taking the Teacher Certification Examination to be certified as middle and/or high school teachers.   


Performance of Graduates  

        On average, about 90% of fresh graduates get certified and 26% obtain full-time teaching posts; in total, about 67% are employed to teach in various ways. Graduates also work in related fields, such as in areas of culture and educational administration; some continue their study in graduate schools of education.


Community Relations

        The Center works collaboratively in educational and cultural development projects with 7 schools in the Sanxia, Yinge and Shulin Districts. Pre-service teachers are encouraged and offered opportunities to teach at after-school remedial classes where elementary and middle school students who are lagged behind are helped. The Center also maintains close relationship with the nearby National Academy for Educational Research on educational projects that help facilitate creativity, equality and quality of the local community.


Future Prospects

In the future, the Center will further its commitment to collaborate with National Academy for Educational Research to facilitate educational innovation in New Taipei City. Pre-service teachers’ caring for and involving in local schools and community will continue to be our vision. With Taiwan’s 12-year Basic Education policy and the idea of student-centeredness that value diversity and excellence, the Center aims to prepare prospective teachers who are equipped with knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to teach in the changing society. We set our sights to cultivate reflective practitioners who will learn continuously as professionals in tomorrow’s world.